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Color Blindness Essay - 1499 Words

1st period Color Blindness Color blindness is the inability to see certain colors in the usual way; also called a color vision problem. A color vision problem can change your life. It makes it harder to learn and read, and you may not be able to have certain careers. Many young children get teased because of their condition, and few will believe what they are told. But people with color blindness can and have learned to make up for their problems seeing color. Color blindness affects a good amount of people, although exact proportions are different among ethnic groups. For example, in Australia it occurs in about eight percent of males and about point four percent of females. Isolated groups with a little gene pool†¦show more content†¦The nerves are called cones, on the retina, the light sensitive tissue layer that lines the back of the eye. We have 6 to 7 million cones in the human retina, and they are responsible for color vision. If just one pigment is missing, then yo u may have trouble telling the difference between green and red. That is the most common type of color blindness. If a different pigment is missing, then you may have trouble telling the difference between yellow and blue. Normally, people with yellow and blue color blindness usually have problems identifying reds and greens, too. The most severe, but rare form of color blindness is Achromatopsia. Someone with this condition can’t see any color, so they see shades of gray. Achromatopsia is often associated with lazy eye, nystagmus (when the eye makes small, jerky movements), severe light sensitivity, and very poor vision. This condition isn’t always inherited; sometimes it can be caused by aging, injury, or side effects to medication. (Fu, Michael MD, Often, the symptoms may be so unnoticed that some people do not know they are color blind. When a child is learning their colors, the parent should be able to tell if they are color blind. Nystagmus may occur in severe cases. Color blindness is a lifelong condition, and most people are able to adjust to it without difficulty or disability. The observationShow MoreRelated Color Blindness Essay752 Words   |  4 PagesColor Blindness   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Many people refer to problems with one’s ability to see color as color blindness, however, unless a person can’t see any color at all, color vision problems should be called by another term. Common terms are abnormal color vision, color deficiency and color vision confusion. Females maybe be effected by color blindness, but usually they are just carriers. Males are more often affected. About 8% of males and 0.5% of females are effected by color blindness.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  AlthoughRead MoreEssay on Color Blindness693 Words   |  3 Pages Color Blindless nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Color blindness is the inability to distinguish particular colors. It is generally an inherited trait, but can result from a chemical imbalance or eye injury. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;There are three primary colors. They are red, blue, and yellow. All other colors are the results of different combinations of primary colors. Special visual cells, called cones, are respon-sible for our ability to see color. People with normal vision have three differentRead More Physics of Color Vision and Color Blindness Essay1901 Words   |  8 PagesWhat is Color? To understand what color is, we first need to understand what light is. Light, as perceived by humans, is simply electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between roughly 380 nm and 740 nm. Wavelengths below 380 nm and above 740 nm cannot be seem by the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength just below 380 nm is known as ultraviolet radiation. Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength just above 740 nm is known as infrared radiation. The sun, black lights andRead More Color Blindness and Testing in Children Essay1846 Words   |  8 PagesColor Blindness and Testing in Children In a world of many technological advances, color perception has become a very important issue. One of the main advances pertains to color technology. An increased emphasis on color technology has raised awareness of the issue of color blindness. Many people are not aware of the origins of color blindness and the different types, although many people are affected by it. One in two hundred females have this defect while in males the defect occurs in oneRead MoreEssay about Genetics The Inheritance of Color Blindness Worksheet939 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Virtual Genetics Lab: The Inheritance of Color Blindness Worksheet Learning Goal: To explore the inheritance pattern of color blindness in humans. Prerequisite Knowledge: Before beginning this lab, you should be familiar with these concepts: the definition of sex-linked genes, and examples of sex-linked genes in humans and other organisms how the inheritance pattern of sex-linked genes differs from that of autosomal genes the use of Punnett squares to understand patterns of inheritance Introduction:Read MoreAnalysis Of Ted Cohen s Argument On Racial Integration951 Words   |  4 Pagesobjective in this essay is to explain and object to Carl Cohen’s argument that unless racial categories are relevant to doing justice for particular persons who have suffered particular harms, the state should be color blind. Explanation: Cohen’s argument from his essay, â€Å"When Turnabout Is Not Fair Play†, consists of two premises and a conclusion which is listed below: Cohen’s Argument: 1) Unless there is a compelling need to consider racial categories, the state should be color blind. 2) UnlessRead MoreColor Should Not Be Ignored2556 Words   |  11 PagesAyanna Mcknight Theater 101C Professor Metzger June 6, 2016 Color Should Not Be Ignored The other day in my stage combat class my instructor invited a former casting director to speak to us, a group of aspiring actors. This guy was a loud, short and chubby, middle-aged White man, who had a very sarcastic attitude and a weird sense of humor; however he seemed to be very informed. Everything went south when he asked if anyone had questions. A fellow classmate of mine innocently raised his hand andRead More Color Blindness in Uncle Toms Cabin Essay986 Words   |  4 PagesColor Blindness in Uncle Toms Cabin      Ã‚  Ã‚   In the 19th Century, the criteria used to determine the individuals social status would be seen as superficial and inhuman in todays society. In Uncle Toms Cabin, Harriet Stowe clearly describes a community where the individuals social status is created more by the color of the skin than by his own personal values. Furthermore, Stowe defies the societal belief by giving a white inside to a black character, Uncle Tom.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   EvenRead MoreJohn Dalton And His Atomic Theory885 Words   |  4 Pagesmanchester he wrote a book called Meteorological Observation and Essays which talked about several of his later on discoveries. John also researched color blindness which he called Daltonism. He researched it due to him and his brother both suffered from this condition since birth. He thought it was hereditary so he provide his theory when he genetic analyzed his eye tissue and showed that he was missing photoreceptor ( what lets you see the color green). He authored a paper in 1794 titled extraordinaryRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Long Division Essay1272 Words   |  6 Pagesby Kiese Laymon. The characters in this book will have to face racism and learn to defy racial representations, especially during the scene of the quiz contest. Overall, this essay will tackle the importance of language in the book Long Division and analyze the actions of the characters and the emotions they display. This essay will examine the words written and the racism experienced during the period using the two sources and research made to understand the importance of language in racism. Long

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Relationship Between Macbeth And Lady Macbeth - 745 Words

Christina James Ms. Berryman Academic English III, Period 1 21 December, 2015 Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in The Tragedy of Macbeth In relationships, the power given to both partners must be balanced in order to have any success. Once one person feels they are above the other one, chaos and anger might result. Back in the Elizabethan era, men and women had two completely different roles in society, the roles of women were very limited. Men were superior and were considered as leaders, while women were expected to be housewives and mothers. Women were seen as the weaker sex, and were not allowed to do half the things men could like working, voting, or even acting on stage. Women were never treated they way they should have been, and this is due to men acting exceedingly better than women. With no equality in a relationship, it can lead to disagreements, and irritability, which can result in a split in the partnership. In The Tragedy of Macbeth, William Shakespeare highlights the division of Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s relationsh ip, to suggest that excessive ambition leads to downfall. Although it was uncommon for women to be treated as an equal in a relationship during this time period, many people had a relationship where there was equality. Shakespeare began Macbeth’s relationship with parallelism. When Macbeth first found out about his prophecy- to become King- he immediately sent a letter to his wife informing her. Shakespeare addressed the letter toShow MoreRelatedRelationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth804 Words   |  4 PagesHow does the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth change throughout the play? In the early stages of the play, the Macbeths seem to be a devoted couple. Their love and concern for each other remains strong and constant throughout the play, but their relationship changes dramatically following the murder of King Duncan in Act 2. The Macbeths relationship is presented in very strong terms in Act 1 by virtue of their sense of togetherness and resolve when separated by war and when placedRead MoreThe Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in Shakespeares Macbeth448 Words   |  2 PagesWhat is a relationship? Is it a sharing of understanding and trials with another human being, a connection between a man and a woman emotionally and sexually, or could it be, just simply, a compassion or love intertwined between two souls? These aspects of relationship and more are illustrated in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Macbeth. The way Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship changes drastically throughout the play is an example of how fragile a relationship really is. With one word or actionRead MoreChanging Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth1173 Words   |  5 PagesHow does the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth change throughout the play? In the early stages of the play, the Macbeths seem to be a devoted couple. Their love and concern for each other remains strong and constant throughout the play, but their relationship changes dramatically following the ruthless killing of King Duncan in Act II. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth and his lady are very close, this is supported by how he referred to her in his letter as â€Å"my dearest partner ofRead MoreChanging Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth1157 Words   |  5 PagesHow does the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth change throughout the play? In the early stages of the play, the Macbeths seem to be a devoted couple. Their love and concern for each other remains strong and constant throughout the play, but their relationship changes dramatically following the ruthless killing of King Duncan in Act II. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth and his lady are very close, this is supported by how he referred to her in his letter as â€Å"my dearest partner ofRead MoreThe Transformation of the Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth1022 Words   |  5 PagesMacbeth, a tragedy play by written William Shakespeare. Throughout the play the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is the engine that drives the tragedy of the play. Macbeth is a play about a Scottish knight named Macbeth who comes back from battle and meets three ‘witches’. They predict that Macbeth shall become king. At first he was skeptical though when it was announced by King Duncan that he will be made Thane of Cawdor, the next in line for king for his bravery on the battlefieldRead MoreEssay The Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth2391 Words   |  10 Pagesthis essay I will discuss the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. I will explain how their relationship is different to traditional relationships of the time. At the time, Jacobean people believed that the men were stronger then the woman. They believed that, when married, the husband would be in control and the wife would have no choice but to do what their husband asked. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship was every different. Macbeth was written between 1606 and 1611 by William ShakespeareRead MoreThe Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay3134 Words   |  13 PagesThe Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Macbeth and Lady Macbeth face an extraordinary situation involving a strong supernatural theme and murder and treason of the highest kind. However Shakespeare still cleverly manages to make Lady Macbeth and Macbeth relate to audiences of all eras and to convey a strong moral message within his play. The relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is fascinating to study. Shakespeare constantly changes their attitudeRead MoreRelationship Between Macbeth And Lady Macbeth720 Words   |  3 PagesLady Macbeth and Macbeth have an interesting relationship. There are many aspects that show a healthy relationship, things that show how open they are to each other, like trust and support. Yet there are also aspects that show a disastrous relationship. One that does not benefit their lives the way that one should. There is some hostility and disrespect, and a very manipulative wife. Throughout the story their relationship becomes increasingly unhealthy, but was it ever healthy to begin with. Read MoreEssay on The Changing Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth2414 Words   |  10 PagesThe Changing Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Throughout Macbeth there are changes in the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as they both in turn take on the role of the more dominant character. Shakespeare presents the play in such a way that the audience sees how progressively their relationship changes dramatically as a result of how they each handle their emotions following the murder of King Duncan. It is evident at the beginning of theRead MoreThe Changing Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay777 Words   |  4 PagesThe relationship among Macbeth and Lady Macbeth alters throughout the play Macbeth as they both in turn take on the role of the more dominant character. Their attitude to each other constantly changes throughout the play, although events in the play certainly draw Macbeth and Lady Macbeth apart their love for one another is evident throughout the play. Macbeth shows his love by saying a few compassionate words in his letter to Lady Macbeth about the meeting with the three weird sisters. Lady Macbeth

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The Micromax Mobile Phone Free Essays

[pic] X560 User Manual INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this Micromax mobile phone. To obtain the best performance of your phone, please read this user manual carefully. Table of Contents 1Safety4 1. We will write a custom essay sample on The Micromax Mobile Phone or any similar topic only for you Order Now 1 Safety Precautions4 2Introduction5 2. 1Phone and Accessories5 2. 2To Lock/Unlock6 2. 3Your Phone6 2. 4About your phone6 2. 5About SIM Card and the Battery6 2. 6To switch ON and OFF7 3Phonebook7 3. 1To Add a contact7 3. 2To View a contact7 3. 3To Call a contact7 3. 4To Edit a contact7 3. 5To Delete a contact8 3. 6To Copy a contact to phone memory8 3. 7To Move a contact8 3. 8Send a contact8 . 9Add to Blacklist8 3. 10Caller groups8 3. 11Phonebook settings8 4Calling9 4. 1Call waiting9 4. 2Call Barring9 4. 3Call divert9 5Call Logs10 5. 1Missed calls/dialed calls/received calls/blocked calls10 6Messages10 6. 1Write SMS10 6. 2SMS Inbox10 6. 3SMS Draftbox11 6. 4SMS Outbox11 6. 5Sent items11 6. 6Archive12 6. 7Delete Messages12 6. 8Templates12 6. 9Message settings12 6. 10EMAIL12 6. 11Broadcast Message13 7Phone Call Settings14 7. 1Customized General Settings/Phone Settings/ Connection Settings14 8User Profiles15 8. 1User Profile Setup15 9Entertainment16 9. 1Camera16 9. 2Image Viewer16 . 3Vi deo Recorder16 9. 4Video Player17 9. 5Music Player17 9. 6Photo editor17 9. 7Sound Recorder18 9. 8Slide show18 9. 9FM Radio18 10Fun Games18 10. 1Games18 11Bluetooth18 11. 1To Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth Connectivity19 11. 2To Search/Inquire Audio Device19 11. 3To Search My (new) device19 11. 4Active Device19 11. 5Settings19 12Organizer19 13File Manager20 14WAP JAVA Services21 14. 1WAP Browser21 14. 2WAP Setup21 14. 3Java21 15STK22 15. 1STK Services22 16Inputting Text22 17Phone Suite22 18Maintenance23 19Taking Care of your Device24 20After Services25 Safety 1. 1 Safety Precautions Please read through the following briefings carefully, and act in accordance with these rules, so as to prevent causing any danger or violating any law. Safe driving 1) Do not use the phone while driving. When you have to use the phone, please use the personal hands-free kit. 2) Please put the phone safely in the phone stand. Do not put it onto any passenger seat or any place from which it may fall down in case of vehicular collision or emergency braking. Turn off during a flight: Flight is influenced by interference caused by the phone. It is illegal to use a phone on the airplane. Please turn off your phone during a flight. Turn off the phone when within an area where blasting takes place: Be sure to strictly observe the related laws and statutes by turning off the phone when you are within, or in the vicinity of, an area where blasting takes place. Turn off the phone when any dangerous goods are in vicinity: Please turn off your phone when you are close to a gas station or in the vicinity of any place where fuel and chemical preparations, or any other dangerous goods are stored. In hospital: Please obey the related rules or bylaws of the hospital when using your phone in a hospital. Be sure to turn off your phone when near any medical equipment. Your use of any wireless transmission equipment, inclusive of the phone, will interfere with any medical equipment that is not protected fully, and other electronic equipment items, too. Should you have any question in this regard, please consult a related physician or medical equipment supplier. Interference: Each and every phone’s performance may be affected due to radio interference. Professional service: The phone must be installed or repaired by no other personnel than professionals. You are likely to suffer a huge risk when you install or repair this phone by yourself, which also goes against the warranty rules. Fittings and battery: You shall use the fittings and battery acknowledged by the phone manufacturer only. Using unauthorized accessories may tamper the warranty of the device. Emergency call: You may enter a telephone number (112, etc. ) to ask for emergency help after making sure that the phone has been turned on and is in the service status. Press the Send Key to call out. Disclaimer: Micromax will not bear any responsibility for any incompliance with the above mentioned guidelines or improper usage of the mobile phone. Micromax keeps the right to make modifications to any of the content here in this user guide without public announcement in advance. The content of this manual may vary from the actual content displayed in the mobile phone. In such a case, the latter shall govern. Introduction 1 Phone and Accessories Open the packing box of the phone and check that you have the Phone, Standard Charger, Standard Battery, USB cable, Earphone, Service Guide, Software CD, Leather pouch and Warranty Card. 2 To Lock/Unlock To unlock your phone (if auto keypad is enabled), press the small button on the top side of the phone. Or to unlock the phone slide up on the message displayed on the screen. 4 Your Phone [pic][pic] 5 About your phone Micromax X560 is a complete Touch phone. The main display of your phone is divided into 2 screens, slide your finger across the phone to change to the other screen to view more features. You can also change wallpapers by simply sliding your finger across the screen and choose from a wide range of interesting wallpapers. 6 About SIM Card and the Battery Please store the cards out of children’s reach. The card and the contacts are vulnerable to damage due to scratching or bending. Therefore, be careful when using, inserting or removing the cards. Be sure to switch off the phone before you insert or remove the battery or the card, otherwise, the phone may be damaged. Tips: The battery icon [pic] displayed on the screen indicates that the battery power is low. Please charge the battery. Please charge the battery before you use the newly purchased phone. We suggest you charge the battery for 4 hours continuously for the first time. Charging when the phone is in the ON mode will not influence the normal dialing and answering, but this needs to consume power, thus the time of charging will increase. We suggest you recharge the battery when the power is used up so as to prolong the life of the battery. 7 To switch ON and OFF To switch ON: Long press End key when the phone is in the OFF mode. If the phone lock has been activated, you need to enter the 4-digit password to unlock. (The preset unlock code is 0000. ) If the SIM card has been inserted in the phone, and the related PIN code protection is activated, you need to enter the 4-8 digit password to unlock. Warning: If you enter three wrong PIN codes in a row, the SIM card will be locked and you need to enter the PUK code to unlock. Both the PIN code and PUK code are provided by the network operator. To switch OFF: In the standby mode, press the key on the top side of the phone to power on and off. Phonebook You can store names and phone numbers in the memory of the phone or SIM card. Menu Phonebook 1 To Add a contact MenuPhonebookOptionsNew Or in idle, tap on the calling icon to enter phone numbers and save a contact. 2 To View a contact MenuPhonebookOptionsView In the contact list of the Phonebook, select to view the required name card 3 To Call a contact MenuPhonebookOptionsCall View the contact number to make calls 4 To Edit a contact MenuPhonebookOptionsedit Allows you to edit a contact 5 To Delete a contact MenuPhonebookOptionsDelete Allows you to delete a contact 6 To Copy a contact to phone memory MenuPhonebookOptionsCopy Copy the contact to the phone memory 7 To Move a contact MenuPhonebookOptionsMove Move a contact from the phone to the SIM memory or vice-versa 8 Send a contact MenuPhonebookOptionsSend contact Allows you to send a contact via message, MMS, email or Bluetooth 9 Add to Blacklist MenuPhonebookOptionsAdd to blacklist Add the contact to the blacklist 10 Caller groups Menu Phonebook OptionsCaller groups To view the ‘caller groups’ folder tap on the fourth key above- to select the group to be set in the preset groups mentioned in the phone. Like- Friends, family, colleagues, others and more. 11 Phonebook settings Menu Phonebook OptionsPhonebook settings †¢ Choose phonebook view- Choose a location to save your contacts in †¢ Speed dial- Choose numbers from your contact list and put them under the speed dial list †¢ My number- View your number vCard version- View the vCard version †¢ Extra numbers- View SIM1, SIM2 or SOS numbers †¢ Phonebook backup- Allows you to import export contacts to and from the phonebook. †¢ Memory status-View the used and available phone SIM memory †¢ Copy contacts- Allows you to copy a contact from the phone to SIM memory and vice-versa †¢ Move contacts- Allows you to move a contac t from the phone to SIM memory and vice-versa †¢ Delete all contacts- Delete all the contacts from SIM or phone memory Calling Note: Once you attend a call your phone will display a series of functions from you to choose from. For example- Mute, Send message, Hold call and more. Choose anyone feature to carry out the desired functions. 1 Call waiting Menu Settings Call settingsCall Waiting This function allows you to put the current call on hold and then answer a second one. If, during a call, a new call comes in, you will hear a special alert sound and the screen will display the number of the new incoming call, which indicates that a third-party call is coming in and waiting for to answer. 2 Call Barring Menu Settings Call settings Call Barring The function is a GSM network service and can restrict outgoing and incoming calls selectively. If you need to change the settings of Restrict Calls, please contact your network operator to obtain the password for opening this service. 3 Call divert Menu Settings Call settings Call divert With the Call Divert function (needs network support), you may divert incoming calls to another mobile phone or a direct line telephone, but not to any extensions of a fixed telephone. Call Logs 1 Missed calls/dialed calls/received calls/blocked calls Press the keys displayed on top of the screen to view All calls/Dialed calls / Received calls/ Missed calls You may select View: View the desired entry Call: Call the desired entry Save to Phonebook: to save the number to the Phonebook Edit: to edit the number to dial or save to the phonebook. Send message: To write SMS/MMS to send to the number. Delete: To delete the entry. Delete All: Delete all the registered entry in one go. Call timer: View the call timers for the last/received/dialed calls or reset Call cost: View the call costs Messages 1 Write SMS Menu Messages Write SMS/MMS Write the content of the SMS Send to: Add contact number Input Method: select Smart abc/Numeric etc Add picture: Add a desired picture in the message you want to send as an MMS Add sound: Add a desired sound in the message you want to send as an MMS Add video: Add a desired video in the message you want to send as an MMS Add subject: Add a desired subject in the MMS message Slide Options: Allows you to add a slide ‘before/after in the current mms. Swtich to MMS: Allows you to switch from SMS to MMS, manually. Advanced: Insert text template/Insert attachment/contact number/insert contact name (embellish the characters of text)/ Insert bookmark. Save: Save the mms/sms Details: View the details of the MMS/SMS 2 SMS Inbox Menu Messages Inbox To read a message, move to the entry and press OK When reading a SMS, you can select Options View: Allows you to view the SMS received. Reply: Reply to the message received. Call sender: Call on the number from which the SMS was received. Forward: Forward the entry to others. Delete: Delete the message. Delete all: Delete all the messages from the Inbox. Save to Phonebook: Allows you to save the number from which the sms was received to the phonebook. Mark as read: Mark the received SMS as ‘read’ ? Advanced: Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. SMS Draftbox Menu Messages Drafts View: Allows you to view the SMS received. Send: Send the message saved in drafts Edit: Allows you to edit the SMS received. Delete: Delete the message. Delete all: Delete all the messages from the Inbox. Advanced ? Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. 4 SMS Outbox SMS that have been sent and saved are stored in Outbox. Menu Messages Outbox SMS that have been sent and saved are stored in Outbox. To read a message, move to the entry and press OK When reading an SMS, you can select Options View: View the message saved in outbox Resend: Select how to send. Edit: Edit the message. Delete: Delete the message. Delete all: Delete all the messages from the Inbox. Advanced Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. 5 Sent items MenuMessagesSent items View the messages sent by you to other numbers Menu Messages Sent messages View: View sent messages. Forward: Forward the sent messages Delete: Delete a message in the sent items folder Delete All: Delete all messages in the sent items folder Advanced ? Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. 6 Archive MenuMessagesArchive Allows you to save messages received in your inbox into this archive folder. 7 Delete Messages MenuMessagesDelete messages Delete messages from the following folders: Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent messages, Archive, All messages 8 Templates MenuMessagesTemplatesSMS Templates/MMS Templates The phone has preset frequently used phrases which may be selected and added to the text when you are editing SMS. Preset phrases may be modified. 9 Message settings MenuMessagesMessages settings SMS Settings MenuMessagesMessage settingsSMS settings Profile settings- †¢ Voicemail server †¢ Common settings- Set to receive Delivery reports, Reply path, Save Sent message. †¢ Memory status †¢ Preferred storage MMS Settings MenuMessagesMessage settingsMMS settings †¢ Profiles- Select a profile from the available network profiles. †¢ Common setting- Select to compose, send, retrieve or view the memory status. 10 EMAIL E-Mail Before use, you need to set the e-mail in the â€Å" E-mail accounts† menu. Via this menu, you can receive and send e-mail.  ¦ Send and Receive: You can send/receive the e-mail from the specified mailbox. Write Email: You can edit e-mails.  ¦ Inbox: You can see the received e-mails.  ¦ Outbox: You can see the sent e-mails.  ¦ Sent: You can view send e-mails.  ¦ Drafts: You can see the drafts in the specified mailbox.  ¦ Clear mailbox: You can clear the e-mails in the specified mailbox, including inbox, outbox, sent e-mail backup and drafts, or clear all e-mails.  ¦ Delete marked emails: You can change the status of all e-mails to deleting status.  ¦ Email accounts: You can set up you new account.  ¦ Templates: you can pre-edit some common phrases, which is convenient for quick editing. Incoming Server: You can set the server parameters for the received e-mails, including Incoming server, Incoming port, user name and password etc. o Signature: You can set it On or Off and edit the signature. The first step in us ing email on your mobile phone is to define your email account’s settings so that your mobile phone knows which server to contact and to login using the correct credentials. TO CONFIGURE A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT: Go to: †¢ Email Email accounts Options New Account Start to create account Email address Options Next Select email protocol (‘POP3’ or ‘IMAP- as per the account settings). Next Select Data account (as per the SIM connection) Incoming Server (edit email incoming server as per the account standard settings). †¢ Next Outgoing Server (edit email outgoing server as per the account standard settings) User Name Password Account Name Options Done (email account is created) †¢ Go to- Created email account Options Edit (user can edit email account settings if required) †¢ Advance Settings Outgoing Sever Outgoing Port (Input correct outgoing port according to the email configuration). Advance Settings Incoming Server Incoming Port ( Input correct incoming port according to the email configuration) †¢ Go to- Configured email account Options Activate Your email account is now created! 11 Broadcast Message Menu Messages Broadcast Message The phone supports Broadcast Message. It is supported by GSM network. Broadcast messages are single-way messages sent to the users of the network operators by the message service center. For the contents and channel setup of broadcast messages, consult your network operator. Phone Call Settings Customized General Settings/Phone Settings/ Connection Settings |Functions |Description | |Set time and date |Menu Settings Phone settings Time and date | |Schedule power on/off |Menu Settings Phone settings Schedule power on/off | | |To disable and enable status; to activate/deactivate, switch on/off, and time in turn. |Select language |Menu Settings Phone settings Language | |Set Display setup |Menu Settings Phone settings gt; Display Setup Wallpaper/Screen saver/Sh ow date and | | |time/LCD backlight/ Show owner number | |Set Greeting text |Menu Settings Phone settings Greeting Text | |Auto update of date and time On/Off |Menu Settings Phone settings Auto update of date and time | |Set Caller ID |Menu Settings Call settings SIM1/2 call settingsCaller ID | |Set Call waiting |Menu Settings Call settings SIM1-2 call settingsCall  waiting | |Set call Divert |Menu Settings Call settings SIM1-2 call settings Call Divert Tip: You can select | | |Cancel all divert to cancel all the divert settings. | |Set Call Barring |Menu Settings Call settings SIM1-2 call settings Call Barring. Restrict Calls is | | |a GSM network service. Please contact your network operator to obtain the password for | | |opening this service. |Set the Blacklist |Menu Settings Call settings Advance settingsBlacklist | |Reject by SMS |Menu Settings Call settings Advance settingsReject by SMS | | |Reject a call by SMS | |Select network |Menu Settings N etwork settings SIM 1-2 network settings | | |New Search: The phone will select a new network automatically. | | |Select Network: The phone will search and display the list of known networks for you to | | |select the desired one, after which, the phone will try to log in the selected network. | | |If the selected network is registered successfully, it will prompt so. | |Set information of GPRS Connection |Menu Connectivity Data accountGPRS/GSM Data | |WIFI MenuWIFI | | |Enable the WiFi connection in your phone to gain access to internet at any WiFi enabled | | |location | |Restore factory default |Menu Settings Restore factory settings | | |Tip: You need to enter the phone password when you want to restore factory default. The | | |preset phone password is 0000. Please bear your password in mind. Incase you forget it, | | |contact the local dealer or an authorized service center. | User Profiles 1 User Profile Setup Functions |Description | |Activate the profile mode |Menu S ettings User profiles Desired modeOptions Activate | |Set the ringtone for incoming calls |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Tone setup SIM1-2 Incoming call | |Set the ringtone for messages |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Tone setup SIM1-2 message tone | |Set the ringtone for key pad tone |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Tone setup Keypad tone | |Adjust the volume of Ring Tone / Key |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Volume | |Tone | | |Set Alert Type of ringing |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Alert type | |Set the ring type |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Ring type | |Set the Extra Tone |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Extra tone | |Set the answer mode |Menu Settings User profiles Customize Answer mode | Entertainment 1 Camera Menu Camera Tap on the screen to view various functions. From Settings choose from a list of functions below to carry out the desired task Photos: View the images clicked. Camera settings: Set E V, Banding, delay timer, shutter sound, contrast and cont. shot, Image settings: Set the size and quality of photos. White balance: Set White Balance. Scene mode: Set scene mode. Effect settings: Set the special effects of photos, such as Grayscale, Sepia, Sepia Green and Colour Invert. Storage: Select phone or memory card. Restore default: Restore default settings. 2 Image Viewer Menu Image viewer On the Image viewer list screen, open the image and select Options View: View the highlighted photo. Edit: Edit the image Browse style: Select the style of viewing. Send: Send the photo by MMS or Bluetooth, Email Use as: Set the highlighted photo as wallpaper, screen saver, or the photo caller ID of a Phonebook entry. Rename: Rename the highlighted file. Delete: Delete the highlighted file. Delete all files: Delete all the files from the list. Sort by: Sort the files in the list. Storage: Select phone or memory card. 3 Video Recorder MenuVideo Recorder Choose from a list of functions below to carry out the desired task- Camcorder settings: set White Balance, EV, Night Mode and Banding. Video settings: Set video settings as per your requirement White balance: Set white balance Video settings: Set the Video Quality, File size limit, Rec time limit, and record audio. Effect settings: Set the special effects, such as Grayscale, Sepia, and Sepia Green etc. Restore default: Restore default settings. 4 Video Player Menu Video player On the video player list screen, select Options Send: Send the video by MMS or Bluetooth. Rename: Rename the highlighted file. Delete: Delete the highlighted file. Delete all files: Delete all the files from the list. Sort by: Sort the files in the list. Streaming URL: Allows you to browse sites like Youtube, Google. This feature is a network dependant service. Profile: Choose and activae a desired profile. Storage: Select phone or memory card. YouTube You can now watch videos on your phone on the popular YouTube site. MenuVideo PlayerStreaming URLPredefinedYouTube Note: This service is network dependant. Please get in touch with your network operator for the desired settings. 5 Music Player Menu Music To add songs in your phone either add them from the phone memory or select the memory card by going to – Music playerSettingsPlayer settings Pre playlist (Phone/Memory card) Playlists: Allows you to make a playlist and add songs in it either from the phone memory or the memory card. All tracks: Allows you to view all the tracks Recently played: View a list of the recently played songs Most played: View the most played songs. Recently added: View the list of recently added songs Artists: Add the artist name Albums: Add the album name Genres: Add a genre/type to your songs Refresh list: Refresh the playlist Nxp Equalizer: Add sound effects to your songs. Choose from a number of exciting effects like: bassbooster, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavymetal, Hiphop, Jazz, Piano, Pop, Rock, Spokenworkd, Symphony, Theater, Treblebooster, Latin, Vocalbooster, Bassreducer, Treblereduces Normal. Settings: †¢ Player settings †¢ Display settings †¢ Sound effects 6 Photo editor Menu Photo editor Allows you to resize the images stored in your phone 7 Sound Recorder Menu Sound recorder On the Sound Recorder list screen, you can select: Play: Play the recorded sound Append: Add a sound Rename: Rename the highlighted recording. Delete: Delete the highlighted recording. Delete all files: Delete all the recordings from the list. Use as: Send the highlighted record to the ringtone list for profiles. Send: Send the highlighted record by MMS, Bluetooth or Email. 8 Slide show Menu Slide show Allows you to view images as a slide show. 9 FM Radio Menu FM radio To search channels- Options Auto search To save the channel list- Select one or all channels and add them to the channel list. To change channels- Long press on the ‘’ key to change to the next channel Fun Games 1 Games Menu Games Your phone has many preloaded exciting games in it. Choose the game you wish to play and cross various levels to set the ultimate highest score. Bluetooth You can connect wirelessly to other compatible device with Bluetooth technology. Compatible devices may include computers, mobile phones. You can use Bluetooth connectivity to send images, music and sound clips, video clips, and notes. Since devices with Bluetooth wireless technology communicate using radio waves, your device and the other devices need to be within a range of 10 meters from each other, but the connection may be subject to interference or could face obstruction from stuff such as wall or from other electronic devices. Use the wireless technology of Bluetooth to be able to consume battery quantity of electric charge. If you are restricted by something when using Bluetooth technology, consult your local Micromax support/service station. 1 To Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth Connectivity Menu ConnectivityBluetooth Power(On/Off) 2 To Search/Inquire Audio Device Menu Connectivity Bluetooth Inquiry audio device Tip: Please activate the Bluetooth first. To Search My (new) device Menu Connectivity Bluetooth My device Inquiry new device Tip: Please activate the Bluetooth first. 4 Active Device Menu Connectivity Bluetooth Active Device Tip: Please activate the Bluetooth first. 5 Settings Menu Connectiv ityBluetooth Settings View the following options to change/edit the Bluetooth settings- Visibility- Switch ON/OFF to display your Bluetooth device visbility Device name- Edit your Bluetooth device display name Receive folder- View items received via Bluetooth in the phone/SIM memory Device information- View details about your Bluetooth device. Organizer Functions |Description | |View the calendar |Menu Calendar | |Notes |Menu Notes | |Tasks |Menu Tasks | |Set the alarm |Menu Alarm Edit | |World clock |Menu ApplicationsWorld clock | |Calculator |Menu Calculator | |Unit converter |Menu ApplicationsCurrency converter | |Text reader |Menu ApplicationsText reader | File Manager When a USB cable is connected, you can use the phone as a USB mass storage. |Functions |Description | |View folders |Menu File manager Options Open View folders in phone or SIM memory | |Format |Menu File manager Options Format | WAP JAVA Services 1 WAP Browser Menu Connectivity WAP You need to make the relevant settings in WAP Setup before you use the WAP browser to surf the web. When the WAP browser is activated, if a homepage is set in WAP Setup, the phone will link the website indicated by the homepage; otherwise, you may enter a website and the phone will connect to it. When surfing the web, select Options Refresh: To refresh the web page. Homepage: To link the homepage. Input URL: input a website address. Add Bookmark: Add to bookmark. Set Homepage: set the URL as homepage. Forward/Backward: To turn to the next /previous page. Advance: Show URL info, Bookmark, Save item. Exit: To exit the browser. 2 WAP Setup WAP settings are required for surfing the web with WAP. Follow the steps below to set up a WAP account: †¢ Connectivity Data Account GPRS Add account Add account name/ APN/ Username password Save. Then go to: Menu Connectivity WAP Settings Profiles Add new Account Name/ Homepage/ Data Account (select the previously created data account) Select connection type (HTTP/WAP- Indise HTTP WAP ener the correct proxy address port Done Sa ve the account Go to the created account activate. Menu Connectivity WAP SettingsProfile You can set the following: Account: To select from the GPRS connection list. Connection type: To set WAP or HTTP connection mode. Home page: To set the address of the homepage. The phone has a default and you can modify it. 3 Java Menu ApplicationsJava You can install Java applications to enhance the multimedia function. It also allows you to connect to Snaptu, Nimbuzz and Operamini as well. Java settings Menu ConnectivityJAVA settings STK 1 STK Services If your SIM card supports STK, you may use the corresponding value-added services. Inputting Text You can enter text in English and digit. Phone Suite Connect your phone and PC via the USB cable Select COM Port PhoneSuite provides various functionalities for users to manage the documents in their mobile phone easily on a PC. It will communicate with mobile phone via serial communication or Bluetooth. †¢ Phonebook is used to manage the contacts information between the mobile phone and the PC folder. In addition to adding, editing and deleting contacts, users can get a backup of the phonebook database on the PC folder †¢ Message helps users to read, edit nd send SMS/EMS messages directly from PC. Besides, you can create personal folders to categorize all messages on the PC side. †¢ Settings: contains the system-related settings and message default settings. Users also can set whether they want to import contact list from other software or not here. †¢ Images: is use d to draw images of various file types, and transport the images between the PC and mobile phone. It also provides clip, mirror and rotate functions to reach user’s expectation. †¢ Melody: provides a easier way to compose your own melody through the staff graphic interface. It also provides the functions to transport the melodies between PC and mobile phone. MMS Message: helps users to read, edit MMS messages directly from PC. Users also can transport MMS messages between PC and mobile phone. †¢ File Manager provides a friendly interface for users to manage their files between the PC and the mobile phone. Functionalities of â€Å"copy†, â€Å"paste†, â€Å"delete†, â€Å"rename† and â€Å"new folder† are provided in the out tool. Besides, File Manager also supports local java installation from PC side. Maintenance Use a dry soft cloth to wipe general dirt. Do not use a hard cloth, benzene or thinner to wipe the phone, otherwise, th e surface of the phone will be scratched or could even result in the fading of color. Taking Care of your Device Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be handled with care: The following suggestions will help you protect your phone: †¢ Always keep the small parts of the phone away from children. †¢ Keep the device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that will rust electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery, and allow the device to dry completely before replacing it. †¢ Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged. †¢ Do not store the device in high or cold temperature. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices and damage batteries. Do not attempt to open the device other than as instructed in this guide. †¢ Do not drop, knock, or shake the device. Rough handling can break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics. †¢ Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the device. Only use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean the surface of the device. †¢ Do not paint the device. Paint can clog the moving parts and prevent proper operation. †¢ Use chargers indoors After Services For details, see the After Service Guide supplied with the phone. [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] How to cite The Micromax Mobile Phone, Papers

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Managing Community Health Assessments-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Community Assessment. Answer: Introduction Community assessment is a tool used by public health departments, social service organization, and hospitals to identify the key health concerns in the community. Community assessment is a logical process which involves the community in the identification and analysis of the health assets and needs, prioritize the concerns, and then implement an appropriate plan to address the health needs identified. In this case, the essay will highlight the steps involved in community assessment. Step 1: Setting up the Assessment Team Setting the assessment team should begin within the organization. In this case, it is imperative to Secure the commitment of individuals in authority as they could impact the peoples feeling, mobilize, support and draw in accomplices, facilitate location and safeguard resources, manage decision making, advocate for the venture's objectives and set policies. Depending on the extent of the appraisal initiative, you might need to enroll support from among the group partners. A small group, which might be a new group or a pre- existing, can settle on some preparatory choices like who to incorporate into the managing as well as advisory boards of trustees. In addition, identify assets require for orientation, create a composed draft of parts and charge of directing/consultative group members, and help set up the initial advisory group (Snyderman, Mills, Hersh Parks, 2014), this is vital in ensuring everything is set for the exercise. Step 2: Securing Resources Perceive in advance that planning consumes resources. In this case, it is important to find cases of what other planning activity may have included and required in financing. You need to answer the essential question: What will it take to help the planning activity? An Assessment Budget Worksheet can enable you to thoroughly consider the procedure. Hence, it is essential to building up a financial plan for supporting the procedure, distinguishing between funds and people. Consider building up a different spending plan for evaluation plan, execution, and assessment. In addition, it is imperative to be practical and not to underestimate the expenses by thoroughly considering the potential costs (Snyderman, Mills, Hersh Parks, 2014). One way to consider the issue of cost/ expenses is by incorporating professional staff. Besides, a grant can be used to take care of part of the expenses, while the rest might be offered as in-kind. Data asked for incorporates yearly compensation, the leve l of time planned for the movement identified with the grant, months planned and the salary asked for. The Assessment Team should designate time for information gathering, survey, examination, composing the plan, presenting, and marketing. Step 3: Drawing in Partners Make progress toward expansive representation. In this case, identify organizations and individuals who look at issues and the probable solutions in a different manner. For instance, search for individuals who have a stake in the community health; partners who can contribute HR, influence the community, and help accomplish goals (Faridi, Franks Simoes, 2017). Also of importance is to find innovative and adaptable approaches to connect with accomplices and members of the community, this can be achieved through rotational meetings and times to accommodate distinctive timetables and allow members to see different groups. In addition, offer meeting alternatives that oblige distinctive preference of solace with the group, for example, casual dialogs, phone calls, supplier discussions, focus groups, autonomous work groups, and break-out groups (Harris, 2016). Step 4: Assembly, Analyzing, And Presenting Data To finish the worksheet, the group must investigate extra quantitative and subjective information to give an entire picture of the community health. For instance, in your region, you may have information from a privately directed survey or program assessment. It is essential to assemble important data from this study. Make sure to include the whole group and chose partners in the information gathering and examination process in order to enhance the credibility of the entire process (Guttmannova Catalano, 2017). Step 5: Setting the needs of the community It is critical to agree on the essential criteria for deciding the health need or central areas. Build up a procedure for prescribing and adopting the final priorities. In this case, set a cutoff date for proposing any progressions to this procedure. Figure out what other existing plans or goals ought to be explicitly considered or joined into this appraisal plan (Schwartz, Lamson Johnson, 2015). In addition, it is important to decide how need ranges should be identified with the concurred vision and extent of the evaluation plan. Therefore, the issues notable in the community health information worksheets should be listed and the criteria chosen kept by the group kept on paper or chart (Chorpita, Daleiden, Krull, 2017). Step 6: Overseeing and managing Community Health Assessments With the Community Health Assessment document finished, the parts of the Community Health Assessment tea change to 'correspondence, health problem progress evaluation and documentation team (Abernethy Schwarz, 2014). Each member must know about his or her duty, as communication would be basic on the implementation of the Community health assessment, and make the process of composing your next comprehensive Community Health Assessment less easy. In this case, you may need to select new or distinctive individuals to the group. Further, as the group screens group purchase- in and the accomplishment of every procedure, the following stage is to decide if alterations are required. The changed methodology could be minor acclimation to the plan, or it could include serious preparing and planning. At whatever point changes or adjustments are made, it would be the obligation of the Assessment Team to communicate to the other members why the change was made and the information behind that chan ge to all the members. In most cases, alteration to the methodology could be minor changes in accordance with the arrangement. Therefore, at whatever point changes or adjustments are made, it would be the duty of the Assessment Tem to communicate them and the information behind those changes to all the other members (Arruda Taylor, 2016). Conclusion The essay has discussed the key steps involved in undertaking a community assessment. The steps involve setting of the assessment team, putting together resources for the exercise, drawing in partners to the plan, data collection, analyzing and presenting, setting of the community needs, and finally overseeing the health issues identified, this steps are imperative in identifying the community needs and the strategies to be used in addressing the needs. References Arruda, Taylor, S. (2016). The Journal Impact Factor and its discontents: steps toward responsible metrics and better research assessment.Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings,1. Abernethy Schwarz, A. (2014). Two steps forward, two steps back: The role of innovation in transforming towards community-based marine resource management in Solomon Islands.Global Environmental Change,28, 309-321. Chorpita, B. F., Daleiden, Krull, J. L. (2017). Child STEPs in California: A cluster randomized effectiveness trial comparing modular treatment with community implemented treatment for youth with anxiety, depression, conduct problems, or traumatic stress.Journal of consulting and clinical psychology,85(1), 13. Guttmannova Catalano, R. F. (2017). ASSESSMENT OF RISK AND PROTECTION IN COMMUNITY SETUP: STEPS TOWARD CONDUCTING CULTURALLY RELEVANT, SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT.Journal of Community Psychology,45(3), 346-362. Harris, M. J. (2016).Evaluating public and community health programs. John Wiley Sons. 89(7) 67- 89 Faridi, Z., Franks, A., Simoes, E. (2017). Community-based participatory research: necessary next steps.Preventing chronic disease,4(3). Schwartz, Lamson, E., Johnson, D. (2015). Washington Steps Up: A 10-Step Quality Improvement Initiative to Optimize Breastfeeding Support in Community Health Centers.Journal of Human Lactation,31(4), 651-659. Snyderman, Mills, G., Hersh, L., Parks, S. (2014). Strategies to help reduce hospital readmissions: the risk assessment tools, medication reconciliation steps, and discharge script provided here can help you keep your patients from going back into the hospital.Journal of Family Practice,63(8), 430-438.

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The study of organizational behavior free essay sample

The study of organizational behavior is concerned with: A) psychosocial, interpersonal, and organizational structure B) interpersonal, group dynamics in organizations, and work design C) psychosocial, interpersonal, and work design D) psychosocial, interpersonal, and group dynamics in organizations Points Earned: Correct Answer(s): D 2. The beliefs and assumptions about people, work, and the organization best reflects the: A) social surface B) formal organization C) informal organization D) overt part of an organization Points Earned: Correct Answer(s): C 3. The task of an organization is reflected in its: A) mission, purpose or goal B) human resources C) input materials D) structure Points Earned: 1. 0/1. 0 Correct Answer(s): A 4. The science of human behavior and individual differences is: A) psychology B) sociology C) engineering D) anthropology 5. EXTRA CREDIT: What was your preferred learning style as indicated by the VARK Questionnaire? Also list one way you want to take in intormation according to your style. For the extra point you had to name your VARK learning style AND one way to take in information (according to VARK) Points Earned: 0. We will write a custom essay sample on The study of organizational behavior or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page /0. 0 6. The internal or external perspectives offer: A) conflicting explanations for human behavior B) complementary explanations for human behavior C) alternative explanations for human behavior D) similar explanations for human behavior 7. The specific setting within which organizational behavior is enacted would be called the: A) external environment B) situation C) organizational context D) group Points Earned: 0. 0/1. 0 8. Culture and the study of learned behavior comprise the domain of: A) management B) psychology C) sociology 9. All of the following are internal behavioral processes except: A) Judging B) perceiving C) leading D) cognition The four main driving forces creating and shaping changes at work include: A) globalization, demography, diversity, ethics B) globalization, technology, diversity, employee attitudes C) globalization, diversity, ethics, and technology D) globalization, technology, religiosity, ethics 11. The description of an organization as clockworks, in which human behavior is logical and rational, would come from which level within the organization? A) organizational level B) internal level C) group or department level D) individual level The work of Hofstede is important because his studies revealed that more differences n work-related attitudes can be explained by: A) culture B) age C) gender D) profession The major difference between prejudice and discrimination is: A) prejudice refers to behavior and discrimination refers to an attitude B) discrimination has been shown to have more of an impact on productivity than prejudice C) prejudice has been shown to have more of an impact on productivity than discrimination D) prejudice refers to an attitude and discrimination refers to behavior Points Earned: 0. 0/1. According to your text, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are likely to be at disadvantage within organizations because: A) available Jobs in the tuture will require less skill than in the past B) they are under-represented in declining occupations C) the proportion of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans who are qualified for higher level Jobs are often higher than the proportion of qualified whites and Asian- Americans D) they tend to live in a small number of large cities that are facing severe economic difficulties Points Earned: 0. 0/1. 0 Globalization implies all of the following except: A) a borderless world B) competition between workers from other countries C) an organizations nationality is held strongly in consciousness D) the world is free from national boundaries Which of the following was NOT recommended as a technique for increasing the sensitivity of differences between people from various cultures? A) describing one anothers culture B) cultural sensitivity training C) cross-cultural task forces or teams D) role analysis technique (RAT) Which statement best captures the spirit of managing diversity? A) It is a painful examination of hidden assumptions that employees hold. B) It is assimilating women and minorities into a dominant male culture. C) It is complying with affirmative action. D) It is being a good corporate citizen. Which of the following statements/statistics about women in the workforce is incorrect? A) There has been little increase in the number of women CEOs.

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Texas Homeowners Insurance essays

Texas Homeowners Insurance essays In 2002, Texas homeowner rates have increased more than one hundred percent due to an increase in the number of mold and water claims. In addition, local government regulators have set a benchmark rate which allows insurance companies to charge rates thirty percent higher or lower than the benchmark. This system allows insurance companies to compete for customers. Due to the substantial increase in insurance premiums, law suits against insurance companies have increased. This has made insurance companies hesitate on selling insurance policies to new and existing customers. In an effort to cut down on these unfair insurance practices, governor candidates Rick Perry and Tony Sanchez vowed to regulate the market. For now, homeowners receive less insurance coverage with no alternative solution. I will start my research by first looking on the internet for articles pertaining to the increase of Texas Homeowner rates. Then I will go to the library to research books, journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. After I have gathered all of my information, I will eliminate articles not relating to my subject. Through extensive researching, I will compare the previous years rates to this years rate which will show a substantial increase. The benchmark rates, designed to allow companies to earn a reasonable profit, has resulted in unexpected premium increases. Also, the majority of homeowners receive the same rates as the high risk policy holders. In addition, insurance companies require background checks on new customers, which make it harder for customers to obtain insurance. Enclosing, I will provide solutions on how to find the best rate available. ...

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Is the use of nostalgia in the media necessarily a conservative Essay

Is the use of nostalgia in the media necessarily a conservative impulse - Essay Example It helps the customers to easily remember and relate with past products or services, which in turn helps them to accept new or rebranded products. As a matter of fact, many companies or organizations are using nostalgia as a marketing strategy as a strategy to simultaneously reach out to new consumers and retain current consumers (Uten and Solomon, 2013). This has been triggered by the digitization of the world through technology, and the global economic trends. The global economy is highly competitive and hence there is need for retaining excellent past products, rebranding these products, as well as innovatively creating new products (Wheatley, 2007). The use of nostalgia as a marketing strategy helps in creating familiarity within the consumers and further creates curiosity to try new products or services from the same organizations or companies. The use of old products to usher in new or rebranded ones gives the consumers a sense of belonging and helps the customer to easily fami liarize and accept the new or rebranded products (Uten and Solomon, 2013). As much as there is a need to develop new products due to market competition, it is also important to relate new products with other past successful products and maintain the latter. The fashion industry has seen the development of great designs that have a conceptual vintage design (Tungate, 2008). Nostalgia has been highly used as a strategic marketing tool in advertisement, where is helps in reaching out to resident and new consumers who relate to successful past experiences with the product (Sprengler, 2009). This creates a sense of security, comfort and belonging and hence creates a strong foundation for marketers to advertise their products, which has led to mass media diversity, especially in advertisement. Pull media is a classification of traditional media, such as television, newspaper, or radio, where the consumer is willingly engaged (Bell